The Roebling Residence is a classic brownstone in Industry City in Brooklyn. It is the home of the living ancestors of the Roebling engineers that built the world famous Brooklyn Bridge.
Although the brownstone itself has undergone extensive renovations, much was left to the imagination for the backyard. The biggest concern was to manage feral cats. Once under control, a garden was next. High on the wish list was to make this narrow full shade backyard feel big, lush and private. Room for dining, a bbq, a lounge and a deck with a bar all needed to be included.

First, we have to understand what conditions we are dealing with. I do a site visit and gather data and information. If needed, soil tests are taken.

The initial concept design is a basic sketch ironing out the general idea. It tackles the challenges but also aims to fulfill other needs and wishes of the property owners.

When the initial concept is approved, we move into a more refined and detailed landscape plan.

Select areas may warrant an elevation drawing to clarify details of the plan.

Using Pinterest, I build shared mood boards that doubles as a source for plants but also for furniture and other garden assets.

Along with an extensive plant list with sources (from local nurseries if requested), a plant diagram shows where the plants are intended to go.

To help visualize the new garden, I draw selected vistas by hand, then color them digitally.

The artistic rendering helps you 'dream'' and see the vision.

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