What we do
Whether it's a quaint brownstone backyard or a property upstate New York, lush green spaces hold the power to inspire relaxation, contemplation, and moments of real connection to the natural world. Gardens are not static landscapes; they evolve alongside us, marking our personal growth, shared experiences with loved ones and the nurturing of family bonds.
At Gardens by Silo, our mission is to create sustainable, forward-thinking garden plans that embrace the principles of permaculture, conservation, soil science, and local ecology. Through a meticulous process, detailed drawings and renderings, we tailor our approach to each unique site and the dreams of its inhabitants. By prioritizing site sensitivity and ecological mindfulness, we empower our clients to become lifelong stewards of their garden sanctuaries, ensuring these green havens thrive for generations to come.

What we offer
Comprehensive site visit, analysis and consultation
Garden design proposal and visual mood board package
Artistic renderings of proposed garden design
Plant selection from top local and online nurseries
Custom seasonal maintenance plan upon request

What to expect
Site visit
Estimate and proposal
Garden plan drawings
Mood boards
Half-way point check-in
Plant diagrams
Plant sources
Artistic renderings
Plan delivery (pdf format)
Who we are
In 2021, Long-term graphic designer Susanne Cerha expanded her creative repertoire to include the design of garden plans for private individuals spanning from the bustling streets of Brooklyn to the serene landscapes of the Hudson Valley. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for creating harmonious outdoor spaces, Susanne brings her signature aesthetic and expertise to the realm of landscape design.
From lush urban oases to tranquil retreats, Susanne's garden plans seamlessly blend functionality with beauty. Whether it's incorporating native plants, implementing sustainable practices or designing innovative layouts, Susanne's garden plans reflect her commitment to enhancing the natural environment while meeting the unique needs and preferences of her clients.
Through Garden by Silo's garden planning services, Susanne continues to channel her creativity and craftsmanship into shaping outdoor spaces that inspire and delight. From Brooklyn brownstones to rural properties, her designs imbue each location with a sense of beauty, tranquility, and harmony with nature.
Follow Susanne Cerha at The Modern Victorian Project on Instagram, where she shares her four acre upstate New York garden and surroundings. You may feel enticed to experience this place for yourself, in which case she will gladly host you via Airbnb.
When Susanne is not planning gardens, she creates beautiful graphic designs at Silo Design Inc.

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A wildflower meadow.

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