The Craryville residence is located Craryville, New YorkThis is a large old property on a hill, surrounded by private woods and orchards. Currently, the owner uses it as a hunting cabin but he wishes to perform extensive renovations to the house and put it on the STR market.
The view of the house upon arrival is grand yet confusing, as the main entrance is not clearly defined, nor is the parking. 

The house sits amidst a meadow, yet is not designed to connect with nature. There are plenty of sliding doors but no decks to step out onto. Connecting indoor and outdoor entertainment, such as cooking and dipping in a pool would add value on the STR market.

There are two bedrooms; one with the advantage of having great views and the other with the disadvantage of facing incoming cars. We want to make both rooms equally beautiful with proper privacy.

The owner wishes to re-think moving of the meadows surrounding the house entirely as the annual cost is prohibitive.

Initially we take stock of the property as it currently is, annotating every important structure and plant.

We have to understand what conditions we are dealing with. I do a site visit and gather data and information. If needed, soil tests are taken.

For larger projects, we split it into smaller areas that we can address in various detail.

For a space to feel well-planned, we have to consider human wish-lines; how we like to move in a space. 

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